Thursday, January 10, 2013

Picking up Where I Left Off...NOT!

I'm not even going to try to make up for the past 6+ months. They're gone forever and I didn't blog about them. Too bad. No guilt. No shame. :)

I am, however, starting back today and will be trying to post more-or-less regularly. I've considered beginning to blog in Spanish here, and may do that someday. Google Translate is a poor substitute for an actual Spanish blog, and I do see more need for a Spanish blog than another English one in the blogosphere, but that's another topic for another day.

 For today, I wanted to share about our latest addition. My mom will laugh and say, "I'm not surprised!" Anyone else who knows me will agree.

 Seth just put this sign on my bathroom door:
So we open the door...
There she is (pretty sure it's a she. Who knows?) We don't always keep large reptiles in our bathroom, but we have a small space heater in there, and it's the safest place for her at this moment. Our friend, Esteban, came over this morning looking for Seth the Iguana Man. Apparently a guy in town found this poor creature and was about to kill her when Esteban stepped in and saved her life. Yay, Esteban!!! Yes, I'm an animal lover. Guilty. Anyway, she injured herself a little while the guy was trying to capture her, but I think she had been injured before because her wounds look a little old.
Made me sad to see her -- would you believe she was crying? Seriously!!! She had big, fat tears in both eyes! Gives new meaning to the term "Crocodile tears".
I'd be crying, too, if I looked like that. Ouch. So, we have a new resident in the bathroom for a few days while we let my herbal concoctions do their magic and see if we can return her to the wild in a week or so. I've actually missed having a green iguana around! This should be interesting!!!

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