Friday, February 25, 2011

Always Apologizing

It seems that a vast number of my posts contain the phrase, "I haven't written in a while". Sigh.

I think that I'm dealing with two major challenges. 1.) I'm "doing" a lot. As I said to Doug recently, I'm too busy living life to write about it. I take tons of pictures of all our outreaches, church events, crazy things the kids do and all the strange animals which venture across our property. While I'm doing dishes or prepping lunch I plan out my posts and think about which photos I would use for which layout. When I finally have a few minutes free to blog, I settle my self into my sort-of-comfy chair. Then I encounter challenge 2.) My internet is stinkin' slow. On a good day with no wind I connect at a whopping 50.9kbps. oooOOOooo I click on my login page...wait for it to load...enter my password...wait for it to page opens...I wait for it to load...and I wait...and I wait. By the time my blog and my photo host are open and ready to go -- it's time to run to the next event.

But here I am now -- in the land of unlimited high-speed access. Although I am battling keeping possession of the laptop, since I have a few others vying for their online time, I have a few moments of peace to upload photos and write this rather drab, apologetic post.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will post. And it will be significantly more interesting than today's post. I hope. Couldn't be much worse. :^)