Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Gap Theory of Blogging

Well, I'm seeing a bit of a pattern in my blogging over the past 5 years: I go "gangbusters", blogging every day or at least several times a week and then fizzle and have a big gap of a month or two with little-to-nothing posted. All I can say is, at least I'm consistent!!!

So, with no fanfare or lame attempts at trying to fill in the gap -- which would be impossible at this point: I live my life too quickly to try to catch up 3 or 4 months of blogging while trying to stay current -- I'm picking up where I am now, and we'll just pretend that the past few months didn't really happen...

...after all, they're just a blur anyway!


Our furlough in the States: Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Home. All summed up in 3 photos...

Our Family: Cold in Seattle

Saying Goodbye to Sarah in Oregon


Semana santa -- Holy Week -- the boys spent the week baking and selling breads, rolls and muffins.

They earned enough during the weekend to pay for their mission trip which is planned for mid-July. We'll talk more about that later!


Kids' Day!!!

Youth Retreat in Los Mochis

Lunch with friends.

Clam Season!!!

Finally getting around to gardening. WaHOOO!!!

Now I just pray that my internet keeps working!!! Man-o-man, have we been struggling for the past 3 months!!! Suffice to say that Telcel is NOT my favorite internet company, but since we have a one-year contract with them, I'll try to not grumble too much. I'm getting pretty comfortable calling the customer service center, though! I managed to be "firm but polite" last time I called, and we haven't been disconnected since. Hurrah!

I'll be back soon, Lord willing!