Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keew Ykcaw -- Wacky Week!

This is WACKY WEEK here at Blogger Friend School! Everything is wacky fun! This week YOU, the student, get to share something of your choice that is little “Wacky”!!!
Have you done something crazy in your homeschool? Do you fingerpaint with your toes? Do you let your children do your hair? Do you wear your pajamas during homeschool? Oh, the list is endless, but it’s up to you and how much fun you want to have.

To make it even “wackier” (not sure if it’s really a word, but hey, we don’t check spelling this week at BFS either!!!…..try and type some or all of your post sdrawkcab. (backwards!)
!keew gnixaler dna nuf a siht ekaM
(…and forwards…Make this a fun and relaxing week!)

Who, me? Wacky?!!! :^) How did they know I needed a week to goof off?

Have I done anything wacky recently? How much of what we do in a regular day would look a little "wacky" to most sane folks I know? Do I want to answer that?

OK, yesterday...we've been reading a book about the Pharoahs of Egypt -- really good book actually, once you edit out the "hundreds of thousands of years" garbage -- to go along with The Mystery of History and yesterday when it came time to sit down and read, it was too hot. I'd just finished preparing lunch and I had sweat running down my back and streaming down my face. The last thing I wanted to do was to sit in the hot living room and read...fan or no fan. SO I went and put on my swimsuit and told the kids that as soon as everyone was in the pool, I'd read. Was that wacky? I dunno. It felt more like survival!

Sunday morning, Caleb was slow-moving (that happens sometimes...he's 14) and hadn't rolled out yet, so I threatened to sing the song. The other kids started urging, "Do it, Mom!!!" So, I sang...(all caps words are shouted)

WAAAAY up in the trees, the little birds sleep.
Way down in the nest THE LITTLE BIRDS REST
WIIIITH a wing on the left and a wing on the right
The little birdies settle in FOR A LONG NIGHT.
With the new dawn of day the little birds wake.
"GOOD MORNING! GOOD MORNING!" the little birds say!

Yeah, I'm a nutcase. That song always worked when I was a summercamp counselor to get the junior and senior high kids out of bed. It works here, too. Is it wacky? Well, maybe, but at least it puts people in a better mood than, "Caleb! You get your little hiney out of that bed right now before I come up there and yank those covers off of you! Get a move on! Come on! Move it, move it, MOVE IT !!!" People tend to be a little "grumpy" when you roll them out that way! As we say around here, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!"

I had a teacher in high school (!deppiks reven I ssalc esohw enO) who had, years before I came through, gotten rid of all the desks in the classroom. There were cushions in the corners, a couple of long tables for projects, a couple of computers on roll-carts (???skrowelppA rebmemer) and shelves of books and supplies. The windows were always open and she gave hall passes freely for kids who wanted to go do their work out on the school lawn. The class was "Critical Thinking", but those of us in the class called it "Geek Study Hall". Mrs. Sharp hardly ever actively "instructed" anything, but she taught me more than all my other teachers combined about how to help kids want to learn. She was wacky! I hope that I take after her in my teaching style. Yeah, I can definitely picture Mrs. Sharp dismissing the class to reconvene in the pool. I've arrived! :^)


Vania (JADsMama) said...

Your post is so neat! I love the song that you sing, too! LOL - what tune does it go to?

Isn't it great when a teacher, like Mrs. Sharp, can teach without really "teaching" the way schools think we should be teaching???
Thanks for your post!

Rebecca said...

The tune to the birdie song --
Well, it's pretty tuneless. Just make up something that fits the beat of the words and be sure to yell the words in all caps. It's a very forgiving song! ;^)

Jenn said...

That teacher sounds great!! I love the idea of reading in the pool too!! I wish we had one here for the HOT days!!

Here's to being a little YKCAW!!

Christin said...

How fun! Listening to a read-aloud in the pool! That's not wacky, it's brilliant! :) I think wackiness is the best approach, don't you?!

ycnaN .srM said...

That's hilarious!! I think it's a cute song but I love to sing anyway. Thank you for sharing.

ycnaN .srM
rehceaT SFB

Gina Marie said...

I can't believe that teacher got away with being so relaxed! I had professors like that in college, but the wackiest teacher I had in high school was one who once told us he was bringing in an expert on Andrew Jackson, then came dressed as him himself. He fielded every single question we asked him. He also had us recreate the Dred Scott trial and make Civil War newspapers. Too bad more teachers in public schools aren't "wacky" like that!

Michelle said...

I always Love coming to your blog.
The style, background, your writing.
I Love everything about it.
Oh, and I Love the song you sing.
I think you should be Blogger Friend of the Week.

BTW, I don't remember the gauge of steel wool we used. But, I do recommend a thinner (rather than thicker) gauge. So the water can displace the volume of oxygen more easily.

Thanks for reading my blog.


KymPossible said...

Reading in the pool sounds delightful to me! I admire teachers like the one you mentioned - who encourage students to learn in the way they're most comfortable. Sounds like she read a Cynthia Tobias book long before they were written! Great post, thanks for sharing about the wacky aspects of your schooling!


Sheri said...

I like the song idea-may have to do that myself, but sing real loud and off key and such-make it painful to the listener. Good idea with the pool reading too-you are inventive and I like that! blessings to you in roasty Mexico!