Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Less-Words Wednesday ;^) -- Grand Canyon

Why they call it grand

the traditional family-minus-one photo



Shuttle Bus

Caleb contemplating...something!

Andrew and Evie


The Jack Family-minus-one

Doug and Sarah

Grandpa Jack


Jessee drinking the Colorado River

Kids at Science Talk

Jessee demonstrates the wingspan of a California Condor Receiving their certificates

Did you know that the California condor has a wingspan of 8 feet? Wow! The kids had a great time at the wildlife class. They asked so many questions (and the teacher was obviously enjoying it!) that the session went almost a half-hour long! We didn't mind!


The Dreaded Rock Squirrel

We were warned about this little critter. They've become so tame at the canyon that they've become quite the pests. I dunno; I still think they're cute!

Big Family

The Coult family plus Grandma and Grandpa Jack and Aunt Cindy

We stopped down the road a bit for a picnic lunch. Our picnic table was near the chopper tour landing pad. We were joking about taking a chopper tour someday with our whole family. For one, I doubt they could take us all at once and for another, we could buy a new car or purchase materials for the upstairs of our house for what that tour would cost! Maybe someday one of the boys will become a chopper pilot and give us all a ride. It could happen. Picnic

Chopper Tours

Thus ends the photo record of our Grand Canyon expedition. We are thinking about a back-packing trip next time. There was too much to see in one afternoon!


Michelle in Mx said...

It's been a loooooooong time since I've STOPPED at the Grand Canyon . . .I've flew over, drove past and gone around it several times . . . *sigh* I need to go to see it again . . .
What fun!

Fruitful Vine said...

Hi Rebecca
I hope you are okay. We've not had any storms or stormy weather either Praise God! We've had lots of rain from time to time and the seas have been a bit choppy but all is well. Looks like a grand time at the Grand Canyon! I'm glad you enjoyed your furlough. How is the family?
Love Jenn