Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Details, Details

So the painting is done and all that's left are the "last details". Anyone who's ever done a remodel knows that those two little words usually mean "you still won't be in your kitchen for a week".


Finally. We had a lot of help and were able to crank out the second coat in less time than the first.

Kitchen counter frame...built.

In this photo, Doug is still smiling because I hadn't pointed out that the wooden mold for the cement counter top was actually...backwards.

Alfredo...sick of me saying, "ummmmm", because it usually meant he had to change or redo something. ;^)

Counter top...poured.

Counter top...smooth and level (this is where I did most of my "umm-ing" at Alfredo. He really was patient!).

Counter top...finished.

At this point, the guys said I'd have to wait a week to take the wooden frame off. I glared at them and they reduced it to 4 days.

Anyone else in the middle of a remodel?  I feel your pain!!! :^)


Ursula Schneider said...

Yay for nice smooth kitchen counter tops

Jennifer C. Valerie said...

Oh I know just how you feel. We are actually remodelling an entire house. We did basics and moved in and still have much to go. It is an interesting experience to say the least. I know just how you feel.