Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pidiendo una Playpen

Ok. So I ran across a really neat give-away at a really neat site of a mom who, quite possibly, is busier than I am. Actually, I think she is busier than I am and also, perhaps, busier than I was 10 years ago. Hats off to Christine who has six kids under 7 and whose oldest two are twins. I often said that if I'd had twins first, I might not have continued to the next and most probably wouldn't have had 4 more! This woman's a trooper!!!

You've gotta love Graco. I was given a fantastic musical swing when Caleb was a newborn. Oh, I loved that swing! With an 18 month old and a newborn, you can bet it got used a bunch! It got used so much, in fact, that by the time Andrew came along, 3 years and a set of twins later, the musical part was just a staticky buzz and the high speed didn't work. I called Graco just to see about repairing the thing, and what did they do? They sent me a brand new swing!!! I just attached the seat part that I had (which was tired, but still serviceable) to the new motor and legs which they sent and, voila!! New swing!!! Andrew and Evie swung their babyhood away in that swing and when we were finished with infants, I regifted to a friend with a new set of twins. Talk about customer satisfaction!!!

Anyway, Christina at From Dates to Diapers has a Graco Pack-n-Play which she is giving away to a worthy comment-er at her site.

I really hope to be that comment-er!

The school of ministry is bursting at the seams with new babies! About two weeks ago, the director's wife, Pily, gave birth to her 2nd baby. On Sunday, Oneida had a baby boy (baby #2 for them, also) and next month Briseda is due to give birth to her first. How blessed we are!!! The baby count at the school of ministry is climbing, but the number of arms available to tote said little ones remains the same. Of course, everyone loves to hold a newborn, and even nine-month-old Hassiel, Cristina's youngest, is a sweetie to cart from here to there. Let's face it though, it's nice to be able to set your baby down and know that he's safe and sound, can't fall, can't eat dirt and can't be reached by his two-year-old sibling! I've been looking for a play-pen for these great moms for over a year. Sure, they're available here, but just plan on doubling or even tripling the price you would pay in the States. Even a used play-pen costs over a hundred dollars here! Ouch!!! In addition, none of the moms have cribs. Right now, Hassiel is sleeping in a drawer on the floor of Ricardo and Cristina's apartment and Madai (age 2) sleeps on a pallet on the floor. It works, but if they wake up, they're free. That's a scarey thought, considering that Madai's parent's apartment is on the second floor and there are no railings. No, I don't think that one play-pen will solve all the world's problems, but it might help one mom sleep a little better at night or help her to get her clothes washed!!!

So, with that said, I wish to submit my comment for consideration to the long (and growing!) list of post-ers at Dates to Diapers. Who knows?! Maybe my search will be at an end, and I can bring a sparkling new Graco Pack-N-Play home from our furlough in July!!!


Fruitful Vine said...

Hi Rebecca
I came back from my blog break/fast about a week ago and after posting pictures of my past two weeks I am now finally able to visit again. You sound like a worthy commenter to me. I pray that you win the giveaway. Have a blessed weekend dear sister.

Jessie said...

I hope you win! What a sweet blessing to have all of those babies around!!

Tanja said...

Hope you win that thing. All mommies deserve some peace of mind, knowing their little ones are safe while they get some rest or some work done. Keep us posted!