Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Fourth of July

As uneventful as it was, I've been such a louse at posting over the past few weeks that I thought I should at least report on our Independence Day celebration. We didn't do much. HOWEVER, we did make a small fire, shoot off a couple of firecrackers and roast marshmallows.

Mexican marshmallows are called "bonbones" and they really taste nothing like marshmallows, but they do melt nicely!

The boys located a handful of firecrackers which they lit...while wearing sandals or barefoot, holding the box of matches in the other hand and throwing the lit firecracker into the air to explode. My mother is tsk tsking and shaking her head right now. ;^)

Here is Jessee roasting his strawberry-flavored-quasi-marshmallow over our roaring bonfire. We were all so exhausted from the events of the past week that this was about as much energy we had for wood-gathering (more about those events in later posts...I promise!!!). It was sufficient to get the job done!

Then Seth tried to mooch his 'mallow!

To no avail! Jessee was victorious and managed to eat it himself!

Finally, Sarah took the traditional "Family-minus-one Photo"...

...then we prayed together and shuffled the kiddos off to bed.

Good night and happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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