Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our 5th of July

Would you believe that the 5th of July was actually more eventful than the 4th? Go figger.

As I said in the "Our 4th of July" post, we were exhausted at the end of the day and barely had the energy left for hugs, kisses, prayers, drinks, toothbrushes and the rest of the nightly ritual. One part of the ritual which we opted to skip was the nightly inspection of the boys' room (usually done at the same time as prayers). Climbing the ladder to the boys' room just seemed like too much effort Friday night, so we prayed downstairs and sent them off to dreamland. That is the last time we will ever do that.

At 3:20 a.m. Doug and I were awakened by a crash, followed by a scream, followed by more crashing and banging. In my stupor I yelled, "Oh, dear God! Someone just fell down the ladder! Run, Doug!!!" Doug was up the ladder before I had made it out of bed. Apparently Jessee had tripped over some "unknown object" while climbing down from his bunk bed. When he fell, he face-planted into a metal chair which slammed into a card table which slid into another metal chair which careened through the ladder hole in the floor and crashed to the floor below. Doug was so relieved to see Jessee standing at the top of the ladder that he just said, "Oh, thank God, you're OK. Head down to Mom." Jessee left a blood trail all the way to the bathroom where one quick glance at his face let me know that all his teeth were in his mouth, his eye was intact and we were headed to the ER.

Doug called our friend Braulio to ask his opinion as to whether we should go to the hospital or the red cross station. He reconfirmed what we already knew: it really depends on which doctor is there. So, we prayed. By the time we had driven the 30 minutes to Guasave, we both had a sense that God was leading us to the Cruz Roja. (Red Cross) Niether of us had peace about the hospital.
When we walked into the Red Cross, we immediately knew why God had led us there. First of all, there was no one else there. We were the only patients. No waiting. Yes. When the doctor stood, stuck out his hand and said, "Hola, Douglas! Como estas?" we had our second confirmation. Turns out that the doetor, Pablo, is the brother of my friend Kati who owns the general store in Las Glorias. He's a great guy and an excellent doctor. Praise God!!!

Two hours and 25 stitches later, we were headed home.


We took his stitches out yesterday. The swelling is gone, the black eye is gone, the penicillin shots are gone (for which Jess is extremely grateful!!!), the crooked grin is not gone...but he's still adorable!!! We just thank God over and over that the chair missed his eye. God always watches over fools and small children...and fools with small children, too!

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