Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Relative to the Thumb Not sure if it's spelled correctly, but it's pronounced "wa-cha-PO-teh".
Nasty little boogers these. Looks like something out of an old Star Trek episode. These things are no joke when they get trapped inside your sandal! The folks here call them espinas once they're inside your skin. Each tine has a little barb on the end which makes it rather velcro-ish and very difficult to remove!Up close

Just another lovely part of life in the desert!


Anonymous said...

Yipes, looks horribly painful.
How is the weather down there now?
Up here in Northern CA its about 90, but the fires around make it very smoky.

Be blessed.

Jegglie Family said...

Yuck! When we were at Ft Huachuca, those things popped every bike tire, soccer ball, beach ball and everything else that had air in it. They also made their way into our house and hid in the carpet! They are miserable! In AZ, they called them goat-heads. Good luck with them!
Much love from JP, Sarah J.