Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday -- Sewing Project

This week I tackled the boys' baseball pants. One challenge about sewing in Mexico is that no one sells patterns. I didn't know that when we were packing to move here, so I gave away most of my patterns and all of my pattern construction books. I honestly haven't built my own patterns for a decade. So lazy!!!

Well, here we go...back to making patterns out of newspaper! My 14 years in the 4H sewing project pay off!!!

Thanks, Mom, for insisting that I learn to make my own patterns instead of always relying on Butterick!

Success!!! All the boys like their pants, and eveyone else on the team wants a pair!!!

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Candice said...

Hi Rebecca! I love that you post pictures. You look beautiful, I miss you friend. It's wonderful to see what you guys are up to. How did the pants turn out?