Friday, January 30, 2009

BFS #118 -- All You Add is Love

Memory Verse:
Psalms 127:3 (New Living Translation)
Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

Intro: All You Add is Love (Purina Puppy Chow). This week we continue with shaking things up a bit. Children are often so pure in what they say. There is no sugar coating it, they just say it as they see it. Their thoughts can make us laugh, touch our hearts and open our eyes.

Assignment: This week are going to do an “Interview With Mom” and post it to your blog. There are a list of questions below to interview your children with. Feel free to add your own questions or remove any question you don’t want to use. You will then ask your children the questions and post the answers that they give you.

Well internet access has been sketchy at best this week. I've gotten a lot of other stuff done though!!! I did have fun with this assignment (even though I'm late posting it). I had to laugh at many of the kids' say the darndest things!!! Hope you all get a chuckle, too!

What does Mom always say?

Evie (age 10): "I love you." Not every mom says that, you know, but you do.
Andrew (age 11): "I love you!"
Seth (age 12): "Just one second."
Jessee (age 12): "Hi!"
Caleb (age 14): "If you don't like it, don't eat it. But don't gripe about it."
Sarah (age 16): "I'm the mom. I don't need your input." or "He only needs one mom, Sarah."

What makes Mom happy?

Evie: hugs and obedient kids
Andrew: obedient children
Seth: good attitudes from kids
Jessee: sleep
Caleb: silence
Sarah: When I do what I'm supposed to do plus a little bit more without talking about it.

What makes Mom sad?

Evie: kids moving out (she's thinking ahead!)
Andrew: disobedient children
Seth: sinus headaches
Jessee: when animals die (we're down to one duck and two kittens, by the way)
Caleb: strife
Sarah: Me nagging my brothers. (and she apologized, too!)

How does Mom make you laugh?

Evie: She tickles me
Andrew: jokes
Seth: Usually we laugh when we work together.
Jessee: When she tells jokes.
Caleb: Torture (He didn't specify torture of whom.)
Sarah: When she forgets where she puts things right after setting them down. It's genetic, cuz I got it too. (I see no humor in that. ;^) )

How old is Mom?

Evie and Andrew pegged my age at 38.
Seth was going for brownie points and said, "Young."
Jessee, always the precise one, said, "Approximately one thousand, nine hundred, eighty-four weeks."
Caleb gave the algebraic equation of 30 + n = Mom's age.
Sarah made me smile with, "Twenty going on 19."

How tall is Mom?

Evie: Six, five, five and a half!
Andrew and Jessee agreed on 5 feet six inches.
Seth: Average
Caleb: Taller than Evie and shorter than me. (I'll argue that statement!!!)
Sarah: Shorter than me. (I won't argue that. Sigh.)

What does Mom like to do?

Evie: Take naps.
Andrew: read
Seth: teach school, read her Bible, talk with other moms
Jessee: play scrabble
Caleb: sew, read, create, etc.
Sarah: Cook -- when it's not a "have-to" -- and Blog.

What is Mom's job?

Evie: To cook
Andrew: do school and clean the house
Seth: To train her children in the ways of the Lord
Jessee: Teacher
Caleb: Prison guard
Sarah: Ha, Ha! You're kidding, right? I don't want to write that much!

What is Mom's favorite food?

Evie: white rice
Andrew: rice and breakfast stuff
Seth: rice and pasta
Jessee: mushrooms (Which happens to NOT be Jessee's fave!)
Caleb: Cheesecake
Sarah: Cheesecake -- Hey, it's a foodgroup, right?
(Editor's note: The kids didn't hear each other's answers, so the fact that 4 out of 6 kids put white rice as my favorite food is significant. It's not that it's my favorite, but I sure do eat a lot of it!!!)

How do you know Mom loves you?

Evie: She disciplines me.
Andrew: She doesn't let me get away with stuff.
Seth: That's a silly question.
Jessee: Because she says it every night.
Caleb: She feeds me.
Sarah: Cuz she's Mom. She wouldn't be Mom if you didn't just "know".

My verse for the week:

Proverbs 31 (I like the whole chapter!) verse 28...

Her children rise up and call her blessed, and her husband praises her!!


Kathleen said...

So cute! Great answers! I like this assignment; I think I'll probably give it a try...if I can round my kids up for an interview!!

Sombra said...

floppy baby in my arms..but i was here


tammy said...

My 9 year old daughter thought Caleb had the most entertaining answers....she's still chuckling about "torture". ;) (of course, she does have 3 older perhaps that's why she appreciates the older boy humor!)

babymakers said...

I played scrabble yesterday.

I now want to ask my kids these questions.

I really liked the goldenseal photos. LOL