Saturday, January 10, 2009

Techie Kudos!

Once in a while you find something online that just makes you happy and you just have to share.

I was be-boppin' around the internet a couple of weeks ago and ended up on the Cottrill Compass. Jim and his family are missionaries in Mexico and Jim working on helping create a missionary blogger "hub" of sorts. You can read more about it here or about the blog carnival he's hosting here.

Anyway, one of my greatest frustrations (lately) has been the lack of disk space I have left on my computer. Reason? Photos. Over 3 years of photos. Really big, high resolution photos. I have Irfanview and have been "fixin' to" resize these 2350x4600 mammoths, but do you have any idea how long it takes? Each photo has to be opened in Irfanview, resized and saved individually. Ugh. I take more photos faster than I can resize them and my available disk space shrinks and shrinks.

But I I'm reading a great post about resizing photos (great post, BTW) and I see a comment from a missionary in South Africa who recommends that people desiring to resize multiple photos at one time check out Microsoft Power Toys.

I'm game. I check out the site. I download a program that takes 2 minutes to load (even on my neanderthal internet connection) and install it.

I am now a happy blogger, busily opening file folder after folder, clicking "edit, select all, resize" and POOF!!! I have disk space! I resized two months of pictures yesterday and gained 2 GB. WaHOOO!

It's the simple things of life...

Special thanks to Dean at Adventures with God for making my laptop more user-friendly!


Libby said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the Missionary site. Cool! I even found a family I know who works in Peru. :)Have you ever checked out the coffeegiril website? It was started earlier last year. GREAT place to find other missionary gals. coffeegirlconfessions dot com. Check it out!
I totally understand the being behind thing! We are about to move! What craziness!
Hope you have a good week.

Dino said...

Not sure how but 2 years later I've just found your link to our blog in this post. So glad the power toy works for you. I love it and have even got it to work in Windows 7.

Bless you