Friday, November 20, 2009

Making Progress

Just wanted to share a small victory...

Over the past two years, I've learned quite a bit of basic html and have managed to successfully tweak my blog to make it look like I want it (for the most part). Once in a while I'll see something in the html that bugs me -- a margin that's not quite right, or a column width that isn't balanced -- and I'll spend literally hours trying to fix it.

This morning I was posting and realized that I just wasn't happy with the column width of the main post (my OCD was acting up). So, I got into the html of the blog and started to tweak.

Here's the exciting part: I managed to widen the columns, eliminate the out-of-place borders and re-center the header in less than an hour. Ooo RAH!

There is hope for me yet. We must share those small victories when they come, right??? Happy Friday everyone!


Hillary Hipps said...

That is such a wonderful feeling! Fiddling with HTML is like trying to work a labyrinth! :-)

I have been reading your blog for a few months now and (after reading up on all the archives) I can say that it has been most encouraging and uplifting!

I have been blessed! Thank you!

( Now you have to come over to my blog and leave a comment ;-)

Kathleen said...

It looks great...good job! I know just enough html to be dangerous. Translation: I know enough to royally mess something up, but not enough to fix it! ;-)

Rebecca said...

I understand, Kathleen! I don't save my template every time I start tweaking. I always think I should, when I'm right in the middle of it, but I never do. One of these days, I'll probably really mess it up and then cry for days. lol

strokeofliving said...

Don't even get me started about HTML. I'm still figuring out how to utilize Twitter properly... e'nuf said.

Faith Imagined said...

Awesome! I am so thankful that my twin does all that stuff for me! Your blog looks great!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fruitful Vine2 said...

That is fantastic! I actually need to fix the padding between the left sidebar and the middle column. Any idea how I can do that - since you're all pro and everything? :) :)

Love you my sister.