Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BFS #131 -- Trusted Everywhere (Duracell Batteries)

Memory Verse: Genesis 20:13 and it came about, when God caused me to wander from my father’s house, that I said to her, ‘This is the kindness which you will show to me: everywhere we go, say of me, “He is my brother.’” (Which, by the way, is a very funny memory verse!)

Introduction: Trusted Everywhere (Duracell Batteries) Easy Week. It was supposed to be Nancy’s week, she had planned on posting a simple assignment, but she’s gone, and her assignment isn’t here. So.. Because Nancy is traveling, I thought we’d talk about Everywhere, or Anywhere.

Assignment: Where have you been? Where have you traveled? What was the purpose of your trip?

Photo: Map your journey… or show a picture of you on the trip.

I had a couple of different ideas for this assignment. One of the main deciding factors was finding a photo of me! Generally speaking I'm the one behind the camera. There is a reason for that!!! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, one of the kids snagged the camera from me and snapped a photo, so here you have it. Rare footage indeed!

Instead of sharing about a trip away from home which we've taken, I decided to share about a trip that came to us. Well, not us personally, but rather our beach. You see, we live on a small stretch of beach known across Mexico as "the place to go for semana santa". That's Holy Week in English. Folks aren't generally coming to worship God, though. Picture Corpus Christi or Florida or Palm Beach. It's a little crazy for a week or two down here! The beach looks completely different with people on it!

A line of cars waits to leave Las Glorias on Friday night.

The people-mover.

I had to include the photo of the quad with all the kids on it, even though the image is blurry. Count heads: there are six bodies on that thing!

So, I've decided to share about what our family did this year during Holy Week. We were blessed to have a mission team from Southern California here for a few days. Those are the other gringos you'll see in the pictures.
Chris stopped traffic to let our van across the street.  The city hired traffic cops, but most didn't have a clue how to keep traffic flowing!

The drama team got costumed up at our house. In addition to the American drama team, there was a team of Mexicans to preach and to pray with people.

Our family as a whole only went out on the beach one day. Sarah participated in the drama which the mission team shared, so she was out there most of the weekend. Seth, Jessee, Andrew and Caleb each dedicated time and resources on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to earn a little money. Seth made muffins, Jessee sold limeade, Andrew and Caleb made snow-cones. I think they decided that Seth's venture was the most profitable -- he had no competition! Vendors line the waterfront selling drinks and ice-cream, but no one bakes bread. There's talk among the boys of selling bread in a BIG way next year. We'll see! Kind of depends on whether I ever get my brick oven done!

The boys also helped a friend whose mom is opening a coffee shop here in town.

I took almost 500 shots of our time on the beach. My friend Karen took another hundred. Pastor Tom beat me out by more than doubling my number, but of course, he was on the beach three days to my one! Needless to say, it's hard to choose photos for this post.

The drama outreach was spectacular. I couldn't possibly do it justice with only a couple of shots. If you'd like to see some more photos and read more about the outreach, you can click over to Sarah's blog (this link will open in a new window, so clicking won't take you away from this site.) Hover your mouse over each photo to read its caption.
Welcome to the Beach at Las Glorias!
Yes, that's a helicopter setting down in front of our house.

Sergio shares the gospel after one performance of the drama.
Ricardo and his I LOVE JESUS hat.
Members of the team pray with a man selling cotton candy after one performance.
Taking a break between performances to enjoy local on a stick.
Two friends who stayed with us a couple of nights and plugged in to the drama team.
Lifeguards watch the water to make sure kids are safe.  Yes, the tower is tilted.
Doug and Andrew talk with a man selling coconuts.
Another vendor is selling Strawberries and Cream -- another local delicacy.
People camp all over the beach.  If they don't have a tent, they make one.
This would be called the farmer's RV.
Soccer and beach volleyball tournaments ran all day Saturday.
Karen and Mavil set up their booth to raise money for their mission trip to Africa. Pray for them!
One of many bandas which play for the various parties held throughout town.  The band behind our house played until 5am...then started back up at 8.
A sea of kites in the sky and people on the ground.

Fortunately, the world has to be back to work on Monday morning. Sunday was quiet (comparatively) and we celebrated resurrection Sunday with our church family from the US and Mexico both.

Well, that was a trip, wasn't it??!!


A.D said...

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Happy weekend,


Sombra said...

Wondering how your family and your community are faring with this flu plague.. praying for you. May your ministry be strong and able to help those in need at this time.


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much to everyone who's praying for us here! It's been a very...interesting weekend. I'll share more tomorrow, but please keep praying for our family and those we minister with.

Your prayers DO matter.

cheryl logerstedt said...

Hi, I hope you are able to read these comments. It was great to read and see the pictures. I can smile because I know who some of the people are that you're talking about. We cover all of you and the church and community with His precious blood in our prayers! To Him be all glory, power, and dominion, forever and ever! Amen