Thursday, July 15, 2010

Know When to Walk Away

There's a certain point when you've had an unfinished project laying around for SO long that it's either time to DO IT or toss it. My kitchen curtains are one such project. Would you believe that I purchased fabric to make black-out curtains for our living room in Oregon almost 10 years ago...and never made them? Why? Lots of reasons, really. First I misplaced the backing fabric. Then I found that and misplaced the lining fabric. Then we moved. Grr.

I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

The "plan" was to make large quilts to cover the windows using a rubber-backed fabric as a lining to keep out the sun and the heat. Great idea, but it never happened.

I'm really not a quilter. The only quilt I ever made ended up as a parallelogram, rather than a rectangle. I love to sew and have made my own clothes since I was 7, so curtains aren't that difficult. The thought of how many different quilt blocks I would have to make scared me away, I guess.

So, I finally decided (10 years later) to finish those curtains. I have two huge windows and two small windows in the kitchen/dining area of the house. I thought that thick curtains would work great to block out the afternoon sun which blazes in those front windows. So, I gathered all my fabrics together and began to cut squares for my patchwork curtains.

Then, I sat down a couple of weeks ago on a Friday afternoon to begin to make my new patchwork curtains and worked for 6 hours straight. The next day, I worked another 4 hours. Here's what I had at the end of 10 hours of sewing:

I'm sorry. I'm just not that dedicated.

So, I scrapped that idea (no pun intended) and decided to make something else. Here's what I ended up with. How do you like my new patchwork curtains? :^)

Maybe next month I'll take a jaunt to the fabric store and just buy something cute to make kitchen curtains!

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Musings of a Work At Home Missionary Mom said...

Love it!!!! I wish I had one. Hey I gave you a shout out and the Sugar Doll award on my blog. I hope you have a great week. Stay cool!