Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little Bit of Shakin' Goin' On!

I'm back in bloggy land and getting back to posting. We were on furlough to the States for a month and then without internet for a while when we got home, but I'm still here!!! You can't get rid of me so easily!!!

It's late and I'm not going to post much. I just wanted to share what we've been dealing with this past week. We live only a few hundred feet from the ocean, so generally our "alarms" revolve around hurricanes and tropical storms. I never thought we would be concerned about earthquakes and tsunamis!
Our biggest tremor so far was a 6.8 which happened last Thursday. We were in the middle of a spelling lesson when the fan began swinging and the pillars groaned. Five seconds or so later, all the dishes began to rattle and the tools in the shop clanged. I now know how quickly my family can get out the door when they have to (and I reminded them of that on Sunday morning, too!!!).

We stood outside on the patio watching the van rock back and forth and the telephone poles sway for a good, solid minute. Our pool began to slosh and splash, and I found myself thinking that maybe "uphill from the house" is a bad place for a swimming pool.

So, we've been a bit shaken, but we are not beaten! This has been a great opening to be able to talk to our neighbors about our faith and about the God in whom we trust!

I'll post more soon... :^) Meanwhile, keep us in your prayers!!!

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