Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday -- More than I Bargained For

We started school on Monday and are getting back into the rhythm of life here in Las Glorias. One of our main projects for Monday was to be cleaning the school shelf thoroughly, but I threw my back out on Saturday night, so we had to put off the serious bending and lifting until Tuesday.

No, I have no idea what I did to my back. I think I sneezed wrong or something. Age is creeping up on me. At any rate, I was able to finish a novel I've been working on, so something good came of my enforced down time!

So, on to my Tuesday's tackle:


I'm happy with the way it turned out; but it took about twice as long as I'd hoped. I didn't take any "before" shots. Too embarassing! Of course, it's not ALL my fault. The shelves are, afterall, the kids' responsibility. I just let it slide too long.

What took so long? Well, first I had everyone pull all their stuff off of their shelves and pile it on the table. Then they went through their old notebooks and etc. and threw away the garbage. Then we reassembled the shelf. After they were all finished, I took everything off the bottom shelf and found this...

This why we don't like to be gone during storm season. Mold. My poor encyclopedias are toast. I guess that will be on my list to replace next furlough. The "Your Reading Power" looks great on the outside, but inside all the story folders were melded (or molded) together and completely ruined. Sigh.

So, everything came back off the shelf, the books were scrubbed, the shelves were carted outside to be scrubbed and left in the sun and the floor was scoured. I was glad I had bought some Febreeze while we were in Arizona last month! By Wednesday, we were mold-free and back in business.

Notice that the shelf is now up on bricks. We're hoping that the added ventilation will keep things drier. Someday, oh someday, my house will be weather proof. If it doesn't happen in this lifetime, I've already put in my request for my celestial mansion: no leaks, please!!! ;^)

Praying that your week is blessed!!!


Faith Imagined said...

Looks great! I am sorry that your back went out but glad you got some reading time in!

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Oh mold. I remember when we were getting ready to leave St. Thomas and move here. My hubby went to check on some books and items he had stored in the basement of our old home. Mold had taken over a lot of the stuff. That was a loss for him because he had been saving some of the stuff for later on. Oh well. I hope you can get the stuff replaced.