Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Eighteen Years

Not a very original title, I know, but it's a little early in the morning for originality. This past Monday, Doug and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. Ooo rah! Can't believe it's been that long, actually, but time has just flown by!

I had planned a quiet weekend with maybe a friendly game of dominoes, spoons or pinochle with the kiddos. Doug suggested an evening out on Friday, so of course I agreed. I got all ready for our date and just as I was putting on my shoes, three girls from Boca showed up (with their kids and a puppy) to wash their car. Pily asked if we could puppy-sit for the weekend (cute pup, btw) and Bris asked when Sarah was coming. "Not till next weekend," I told her. Doug had conveniently disappeared, so the house was pretty much bedlam with kittens, puppies, toddlers and teenagers running amok. It was one of those moments when you step back and look at your life and say, "Whoa. This is my life?"

Just at that moment, the front door opened and in walked...Sarah! She and her friend Desiree (a young missionary from Oregon) had come for the weekend as a surprise. The other part of the surprise: Doug was kidnapping me for the weekend. It was better than a bubble bath.

So, I had an amazing weekend and did practically nothing. We watched commercial TV (and were shocked at some of the garbage on there), ate ice cream for lunch, walked on the pier at Topolobompo and stretched out on a blanket on the sands of Maviri Beach. (Note: Las Glorias Beach is nicer, but there's something special about going "away" to the beach. I dunno.) We got one of the guys on the docks to take a picture for us. Then the camera battery went dead. Figures. I did get some nice shots, though.

Saturday night there was a party at the hotel we were staying in. Great music, but the band played till 4 a.m. It felt like we were back home during semana santa. We did manage to get some sleep and fortunately didn't have to get up early on Sunday.

We arrived home Sunday afternoon to a clean house (WOW). Even my bedroom floor had been vacuumed. Scarey. Then we took Sarah and Desiree back to Guasave to catch the bus. Sunday night we enjoyed a candlelight meal of ramen and watermelon and sat outside to look at the millions of stars in the sky -- the transformer on the corner blew up, so we were without power for a day. So good to be back home! ;^)

Monday was back to real life -- refreshed and recharged (and a new transformer in the afternoon!). I do love my life!


Michelle said...

Happy belated Anniversary! You all beat us by about six months! It's been the best 17 1/2 years of my life next to coming to know Christ!

I pray you all have many more!

Love in Christ,


Fruitful Vine2 said...

That's a good kind of kidnapping! Awesome! Happy Belated Anniversary!

Kathleen said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Rachel (babymakers) said...

That was so sweet you almost made me teary eyed....

Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sent you some questions to your email. Make sure you check it and let me know the answers.

Plus, I am sending you one more right now.