Thursday, June 03, 2010

Homeschooling Highschool -- Validation!

I have officially handed the boys’ Spanish class over to Sarah. I love that. I love that she’s capable to put together the lessons, assign the homework, and manage the class. I love that she’s confident in her presentation, but doesn’t come across harsh or snotty with the boys. But, you know what I really love???

I love that she has the same struggle I’ve been having with a certain one or the other of the boys who doesn’t think that homework necessarily needs to be handed in on time nor does it need to be written legibly.

That is one of the greatest problems I’ve had with homeschooling high school. Not the late homework assignments nor the sloppy work, but rather the slightly accusing voice on my shoulder saying, “You’re just being too picky!” or “It’s really not that important in the larger scheme of things.”

Having Sarah say to one of the boys something like, “The next time you hand me a paper that looks like that, you’re doing it over!” makes me feel…what’s the word? Validated. Yes, that’s it. I can flick that little devil off my shoulder and confidently say, “It is TOO important! So there!”

Anyone else out there struggle with feeling outnumbered when teaching your kids (whether you home school or not!)? Are you tempted to cave a bit or to let some standards slip sometimes? I know that grace and mercy are important, but justice and righteousness (or in this case, neatness and punctuality) are important too, right?

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