Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This n That

I got up this morning with great plans to cross everything off my list by noon and be ready for the steady stream of well-wishers which should begin arriving after lunch sometime. It's the culture here: if someone's going on a trip, you stop in to say goodbye the day before they leave. It used to bug me, since I always have a ton of stuff to do the day before a big trip. I like it now. I feel like "part of the family". ;^)

I'm not doing very well on my list, though. Ugh, it's hot. I think the humidity rose about 5% overnight. Can't do laundry, because it won't dry before we have to leave. Oh, well. I'll deal with it and move on! Did I mention that it's hot?

Anyway, we're tying up loose ends and packing (and sweating) furiously to leave early in the a.m.

I am just amazed at how quickly the past 6 months has passed! With all the youth events, conferences, music classes, parenting classes, teaching at various churches, writing a book and going on a mission trip, the time has just flown.

To be honest, we're all looking forward to this trip. Foremost in everyone's mind is the visit to Oregon to see Sarah (YEAH!!!!!). A close second, though, is a month in a dry climate. Have you ever experienced your laundry souring from being left in the washer too long? How long is too long where you live? Over night? Two days? Here, I get about 3 hours and then I have to re-rinse. Ugh.

I hate that moist, sour smell.

So, we're packing and cleaning, cleaning and packing. And I...I need to get back to work! This "No checking Facebook till I post on my blog" thing is working well. I just hope no one gets tired of reading my pointless ramblings here and decides to abandon me! ;^) Facebook is so much better-suited for mindless chatter!

Have a blessed day! If you think about us today or tomorrow, pray for safe travels!!!


Julie said...

Where in Oregon will you be? I live in Oregon! In the Columbia Gorge! I haven't been too active in Bloggie land lately, but right after I write this I will get caught up on reading your posts! I wish you all well on your trip and many blessings!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the blessings and the prayers!!! We'll be in the Roseburg area.