Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yet Another Benefit of the Bi-Lingual Life

I just got back from a little shopping excursion with my mom-in-law in Chico, California. We had a great time -- went to Costco again. I didn't see the Vitamix guy this time, so I managed to keep my longing for over-priced kitchen gadgets in check.

Christmas decorations are out. What's up with that???

Anyway, we also stopped in at my favorite herb and natural food store -- it's very "Chico": Lot's of tie-dye, lots of hemp. While Mom picked up her stuff, I meandered over to the herbal book section. I thought I might find something interesting in the reduced section.


All the Spanish books were on sale 50% off! WOOT! WOOT!

I bought them all. Well, not ALL of them. Only four.

I'm so excited to share with my friend Luz! I've been translating stuff for her, but this will be so much nicer. At least one of them is written from a Christian perspective (rather rare in the herbal sub-culture), which makes me very happy, too!

While I'm not Mrs. Organic, I do see a lot of value in healthy eating. And while I'm also not anti-doctor, (I honestly haven't set foot in a doctor's office in years...unless you count when we took Andrew to see the local doctor, but that wasn't his "office"; it was his front porch.) I see a lot of value in understanding disease, medicine and how doctors arrive at their diagnosis. To that end, I read a lot about herbal remedies and healthy living. Can't hurt, right?

There has been very little that has come our way, in matters of health, that I haven't been able to handle with prayer, my herb books (and the herbs that go along with them) and some common sense. I can't wait to dig into my new books and see what else I can learn. In fact, I think that's what I'm going to do right now.

Just for fun: What's your favorite herbal or home remedy? What's the first thing you do when you start to feel like you're catching a cold?

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