Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Family Vehicle

La Familia Aguilar

Ages ago, I mentioned that the "Family Vehicle" in Mexico was significantly smaller than the family vehicle of the US -- even though family size is the same or larger here. To those of you who didn't believe me: Oh, you doubting souls!


Staci said...

I love it! Great depiction of the family vehicle!

BTW... I love your blog and the header picture is great! I have this great appreciation for "feet" pictures for some reason. :)

EastCoastLife said...

It's amazing how they can fit into that small bike. I see these family vehicles on the streets of China and Indonesia too.

Ursula said...

Ha ha, this is hysterical! And yet....not. Wow!

Thanks for all the help with my blog. I've been adding and changing and smooshing and so forth and I am loving how it is working out.

And that was seriously the best compliment ever that we look like sisters. I'll take her for a sister any day!

Did you get my email??

julie said...

I love this! ;)

Ashley L said...

This is an awesome picture! I love it! And thank you for your sweet notes for me on Missionary Moms! You are so thoughtful! I am so excited for whenever I get a chance to start blogging again, but we were delayed in our return to Russia by about a month and a half. We're heading back in about 3 weeks. I'm so excited!!! After that it will be settling back into ministry/school for the kids/life for a bit... I hope to start things up sometime in Oct. or Nov. =) I hope you're doing great!!!