Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alive and Kicking

To prove that I really haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I am posting today. Hurrah!!!

Today is Saturday and it just happens to be the second Saturday of January. Therefore, tonight is youth night at our house. Very exciting. This will be our second youth event since we finished the conference center behind our house. Caleb is downstairs fixing something on his drum and preparing the games. In an hour or so, he'll start firing up the brick oven so we can burn a few pizzas.

Tonight Sarah will be sharing from the book of Luke about the cost of discipleship. She mentioned to me the other day that so often God puts a topic on her heart, and she just can't get away from it. I know what she means. It seems that when I am really seeking God and digging in to hear from Him, He says the same things to me, over and over.

Could be because I'm so hard-headed that it takes me hearing the same lesson a dozen times before it sinks in.

I prefer to think that it's because He's constant and unchanging and truly desires me to give everything over to Him, so He doesn't quit telling me the same thing until He finally gets me where He wants me.

I like that.

But I am pretty hard-headed.

So, as the topic for Sarah at this time is "The Cost of Discipleship", my topic seems to be "In Everything, Glorify God". I'm finding that if I can just keep reminding myself that all glory and praise belong to God, I don't struggle (as much) with my own selfishness and pride. I say "as much" because, as I mentioned -- I'm very hard-headed. I do catch myself now, when I'm being a jerk, instead of just reveling in my own foolishness, thinking I'm wise. I think that there's hope.

I've started reading Tozer's "Pursuit of God" and have found it very encouraging -- and challenging! Monday I start an online Bible study on Ephesians, which will probably make its way onto this blog in some form or other.

God isn't finished with me yet! Praise HIM!!! So glad that He's not content to leave me where I am.

I'm also glad that I'm not content to stay where I am!!!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!

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~Stephanie Wafer said...

Two difficult topics, yet they seem to go hand in hand- to pay the cost of being a discipe means letting go of ourself and glorifying God in everything. Simple, right. No! It's not. Haha. You are not alone my friend.

Looking forward to our Ephesians study! Hope youth night went well! Blessings!