Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Travelers...again

This is what happens when one fails to post for a couple of months: I log on to write a post, and Blogger has changed EVERYthing, so I have to spend half-an-hour trying to figure out how to post all over again.

Not cool, guys. Just sayin'.

Anyway, I'm still alive. We're home from furlough. God is faithful! :^)
Following are 10 pics from our time in the US in March. You might say it's a "Top Ten List" of sorts, but I wouldn't say that their the 10 best photos I took. How can I choose 10 out of the...ahem...several hundred that I have?
Sorry if the literary value isn't very high on this post, but the pictures should be entertaining at least! Provecho!
See! You're entertained already!

We drive over 5000 miles every furlough. That's over 80 hours in the car. You've gotta do something to pass the time!
Had a great time in Kansas with Grandma and Grandpa Jack, Uncle Terry and Aunt Tammy and all the cousins -- including this little preciosa, Ada Leigh. We decided that it wasn't long enough and we need to plan more frequent family get-togethers. (At the rate we've been getting together in the past, our next would be Ada-Leigh's high school graduation. Unacceptable.
Grilling with Grandpa -- always a success! You can see by the look of ecstasy on Caleb's face that the way to his heart is truly his stomach!
I love American rest stops. I was so excited to see actual grass at this rest area in Texas that I laid down in it. I exclaimed, "Grass without huachapotis! Hurray!!!" (that's an evil Mexican cockleburr) When I stood up, the kids all laughed at me: my whole backside was covered with tiny, green sticktights. Sigh. Can't win.
Made it to Tucson -- here are the kiddos with the youth group at Saguaro Canyon EFC, one of our supporting churches. We always have a wonderful time with our adopted family in Tucson, AZ. They spoil us!
God even sent us a special present while we were in Arizona -- Snow!!! It was short-lived (a good thing, since none of us even owns a heavy coat any more!), but it was beautiful and FUN!!!
Driving to Riverside to visit Grandma Freschauf and Magnolia Presbyterian Church. Ah, the benefits of the car-pool lane!
Thanks to an amazing miracle, we were able to take a little side-trip to Rancho Tres Cruces, which is the home of Master's Bible School. Doug and the director, Nate, spent time chatting about the school and about all the other things that missionaries chat about when you get them together.
Great time -- great families -- too short a visit!!!
Evie and Taiah pose with their favorite rockstar. Like they need extra caffeine! HA!
And then we headed home. But it wouldn't be a trip if we didn't have any car issues!!!
All right. Enough of that. We had a wonderful trip to the States. There's never enough time to visit with everyone we want to visit with and at the same time we're always so ready to be home.

I have now posted!!! YAY!!!

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