Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Found a Neat Homeschool Site

Well, I've been surfing around tonight (read that: sitting in front of the 'puter alternately smacking the screen and my ankles to kill the skeeters who are eating me for SUPPER! I'm ok. Really.).

Anyway, I just ran across a neat homeschool site with a great giveaway -- which I, of course, want to enter. SO this is my entry post! The notebooks Blogger Friend School is giving away are beautiful and what's so neat from my perspective is that they fit exactly with what I'm doing with my youngest 4 this season. We will be focusing on plants, birds and bugs of Mexico this year, and I'm really looking forward to it -- and so are the kids!!! I love when that happens!

Click over and see what their site is all about!


Nancy said...

Hi and Welcome to the world of blogging! Also we wanted to welcome you to the BFS giveaway and we're looking forward to the assignments starting next Tuesday! You'll have a chance to meet some AWESOME mom bloggers!!! It's so much fun and your might love the price package if you won it too.

Mrs. Nancy
BFS Teacher

Sombra said...

Well the mosquitos in Mexico must be kissing cousins to the mosquitos in Saskatchewan, because this is how I spend my evenings too..

Welcome to BFS and welcome to the blogging world.

Mrs. Sombra
BFS Teacher.

Marina said...

thanks for coming by I thought maybe you had forgotten about me "(
I know how busy you are and all ")

so much has happen since I last visit you I will try and email you if I can , my upper Gi got cancel these morining I will let you know as soon as they reschudle I just came back form the siesta fiesta with Beth Moore the message was such a blessing it was about the in heirance we have in God.

and you are not alone I was on my piato the other day and got bit by losts of mosquitos.
te dejo un beso.