Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That's Fine

Ok. Has this ever happened to any mom besides me?

Just now, Hubby came in and asked if he could have a drink of my lemonade. My what? I don't have any lemonade. What's in that cup?

Then Evie piped up, "Dad! That's my rock! Don't drink it."

Why is there a rock in a cup of soapy water sitting on the counter? Because it was dirty, of course! Duh.

Dad told Evie that she shouldn't leave cups of soapy water on the counter, and she replied that she had asked Mom and Mom had said it was OK.

When did she ask me??? "Mom," she said, "I asked if I could wash my rock and you said, 'Yeah. Ok. That's fine."

When? While I was typing at the computer.

Hold it!!! Teachable moment...

"Honey," I said, "when you ask me a question or tell me something and I'm typing at the computer and I say 'Yeah. Ok. That's fine.' That means, 'I didn't hear a word you just said, but I love you very much.' That doesn't count as telling me something or asking permission. If you need permission for something, I need to be looking at you directly. Using your name in a sentence is better."

We had a good laugh together (since Dad hadn't actually taken a drink of Evie's rock).

The cup of soapy water is still on the counter. FYI: don't drink it. It's not lemonade!!!


Nick & Rose said...

My kids are still a tad young for that to happen to me, however! I remember being a teenager and asking my dad (while he was on the computer) if I could go to a friends house. "yes, go ahead" is what he said. A few hours later I come in the door and he says, "where have you been????"
"you said i could go to Jennifer's house, dad"
"what?? no I didn't?!?"
I agree, the computer has a way of sucking you in! ;)

Michelle in Mx said...

heck yeah I've done that . . .!!!