Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Round TUIT Round-Up

When will I get around to it?
Welcome to the Round TUIT Round-Up. My mom gave me this little wooden button years ago after I said that I'd clean my room when I "got around to it". Once I had the Round TUIT, I had no more excuses! Thanks, Mom!!!

My Round TUIT project is a little fun thing that I've been wanting to do for ages...Recycled Pop Bottle Flowers...

I've had a plastic trash bag full of cut-up Coke bottles collecting dust in my bedroom for almost a year and FINALLY the girls and I spread out a drop cloth and decorated them.

They turned out so festive!

My house lacks color, and I have a black thumb, so real flowers are pretty much out. We had a great time working together!

So, there's the first Round-Up post! I can't wait to see what everyone else is getting around to!!!


Fruitful Vine said...

LOL! It looks like we were visiting each other at the same time. I just left a comment telling you that I'm definitely in on the round tuitt thing and when I get back to my blog I see a comment from you telling me about it. Funny thing this internet. Here we are visiting each other at the same time and did not even know it.
Have a blessed day dear friend. This little incident brought a chuckle to my morning.

Michelle said...

I just Love visiting your blog.
I always see something interesting.
I also have a black thumb. I just Love your flowers. Great ideal!!
Thank you for visiting my blog.