Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wordless Wednesday -- Baby Turtles

Free the Turtles!
I just love the expression on the little girl's face -- and her friend, the turtle tickler, is cute, too! This is what I would call a "teaser". If you'd like to read more about the baby sea turtles rescued at our beach (lots more pictures, too), click over to our family blog. See you there! Psst! This would count as science class -- and maybe geography, too! ;^)
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Tiff said...

That must have been something to see! I have always wanted to see the baby turtles heading toward the ocean.

marina said...

costa rica is full of turtles too, my son is dying to pick one up!
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Shan said...

That's really sweet!

Fruitful Vine said...

We have turtles here too but I haven't had the chance to see any. Maybe because I need to go out to the beach more often and I've heard it's in the evenings they show out here. Anyway, I need help in choosing a new profile picture. Could you come on over to my blog and vote on the ones I put up in the post? Thanks in advance.

Have a great weekend dear friend. I promise I will get round tuitt to post about my round tuitt projects(smile). Just be patient with me I have a few written down to tackle.