Sunday, February 15, 2009

BFS #120 — You Deserve a Break Today!

Introduction: You Deserve a Break Today (McDonalds) –After all this crazy weather, the economy ups and downs and now a new President for the United States you all do deserve a break today. I want to give everyone a ‘break today’ and have the ANNUAL SHOPPING SPREE!!!

Assignment: I’d like to stick with a theme for the spree though. The marriage bedroom! I’m also being a little selfish on this one because my husband and I are getting ready to demolish our room, my office, and our ‘guest’ room and make ourselves a master suite. I need some great ideas on linen, wall colors, curtains, pictures…anything that would help me to decorate our new room. I do want a soft and sanctuary type theme. Are you willing to help me? Your budget is $1500! I gave you a raise from last year…since the economy is so bad right now…LOL. Make sure you use the banner and code on the right side of this page to show us your assignments!

Well, this assignment was really hard for me. I didn't have internet access for most of the week and plus -- we were really busy!!! I had fun, though, doodling on my Publisher program and making this "what it could be like" picture.

If I had $1500 to spend, I would start with this...

Order a load of bricks -- $300.

Haul them to the roof.

Buy a few bags of mortar -- $100

Mix the mortar and haul it to the roof.
Hire Alfredo to come over and lay bricks -- ($7 per square meter) $170
Build a roof over the new room area (this would be the part that would push the budget, but for another $1000, we could probably swing the entire roof...maybe!)

Call Lionel, the window guy, and have him build and install 3 of these great windows -- $300

Then our house would look something like this...

Of course, the stucco would come later and paint probably MUCH later, but hey -- we'd have walls, and then our current bedroom could finally become the dining room it was meant to be.

Cost of the addition (minus the roof) -- $870

Add an extra $1000 for the roof of that section of the house: $1870

View from my future bedroom -- priceless! "The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory." Psalm 97:6


tammy said...

That is a beautiful view!! Loved how you got creative there on your assignment. Someday, huh?

Sheri said...

well, I guess having an addition and roof do come first. Lovely view too. Is that a guy on a horse in the background or am I seeing things?

Libby said...

Oh wow! Do those pictures look familiar for me or what! :) I hope the Lord provides so you can finish the house. That is an amazing view! LOVE the colors.

Fruitfulvine2 said...

I love the way you did this! I also like the view.

Rebecca said...

Yep, someday! For now, I'm just happy the roof stopped leaking!

Yes, that's a guy on a horse. It's Ramon, the guy who ranges his cows nearby. He stops by whenever he's bored or needs to water his animals -- or just wants to talk.

I must say that (IMO)I have the most beautiful view in the world. We get 365 beautiful sunsets a year. (The sunrises are great, too, but I don't see many of those!!!)