Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BFS #121 -- Obey Your Thirst (Sprite)

Memory Verse:

Psalm 69:21 They put poison in my food; in my thirst, they gave me vinegar to drink.

Introduction: Obey Your Thirst (Sprite) In this Psalm, terrible things are plaguing David. He’s seeking the Lord, as he has that sinking feeling, that desperate thing of alienation and abandonment… and they try to poison him and give him vinegar - GROSS! How Vile! Sometimes when we’re sick, we have that sinking desperate feeling, we call out to God, we call out for healing.
Assignment: Tell us the most vile “remedy” you’ve ever had to consume in order to be rid of that “plague”. Was it something prescribed by a Medical Doctor? or was it an herbal remedy? We all know that Buckley’s commercial, it tastes awful, but it works. Would you take this remedy again? Did it work? Can you get your children to take it?

Oh Ladies, I’d love to see you in a photograph making that sourest of faces, - remember that remedy and remake that face.. or get your kids to make that face with you.. can you do it without laughing? Laughter makes the best medicine.

When I gave birth to Sarah (16 years ago) my midwife perscribed an herbal rinse to help with the "ouchies" I had after the birth (this is a family-friendly site -- I'm not going to get too graphic here!). She used 1/2 tsp of goldenseal root powder in a quart of water. Steep for 15 min and then apply with a peri-bottle. Worked like a charm. She also sprinkled the goldenseal powder on Sarah's umbilical cord. It healed in 3 days (looked gross at the time, but it healed!).

Even though I saw the benefit of herbal remedies, I still didn't really get "into" herbs until after my twins were born (thirteen years ago). I decided to do an in-house trial -- one twin got goldenseal on the umbilical and one got the regularly recommended alcohol wipe at each diaper change. After three days, the goldenseal umbus was healed and the alcohol one was red and angry-looking (beginning signs of infection). I quickly discontinued the hospital's recommendation and switched to the herbal remedy. Two days later, the infection was gone and the umbus was healed.

Since then, I've become a STRONG proponent of herbal medicine. There's so much I want to learn!!! While I can't become an expert in all things overnight, I decided to work with what I already knew.

When I was little, whenever one of us kids had a sore throat, my dad would say, "Go gargle with salt water." I hated that. But it always worked. Salt has great antiseptic and disinfectant properties, no side effects and is dirt cheap. Gargling with salt water is gross, but there are many worse things in the world!!!

One of those "worse things" is an herbal concoction I use to stave off sinus infections. I was in a pretty nasty car accident when I was a teen and broke a few bones in my face. Ever since I was about 17 I've been prone to really bad sinus infections. REALLY bad. Like, "my-eyeballs-are going-to-explode-out-of-my-head" infections. When they got bad, nothing would help. I tried all sorts of home remedies and perscription junk and absolutely nothing helped.

After coming to the realization that goldenseal and salt were two of the best options for fighting off infections, I decided to become my own guinea pig. When I felt the beginnings of a sinus infection coming on, I brewed a batch of goldenseal tea (1/4 tsp in 1 cup of water) and added a teaspoon or so of salt. I cooled the brew slightly, put it in a syringe and squirted the concoction up my nose. YUCK!!!!!!!!! I don't know why I ever thought that salt water tasted gross! Goldenseal is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!! And it burns!!!!!

I haven't had a sinus infection in almost 6 years. (Except for the one I had las December because I thought I had kicked it and stopped irrigating my sinuses after 2 days instead of doing it for 5 days like I usually do. Dummy.)

So, my favorite home remedy for throat infections and sinus infections: irrigate the infected area 3 times a day for 5 days with a mixture of 1/4 tsp goldenseal root powder and 1 to 2 tsp salt in one cup water. (As salty as you can stand it.)

For serious cuts on humans, smashed fingers, gunshot wounds on cats, dogfight cuts on dogs, torn out feathers on ducks and any other wound that looks really bad, but you're otherwise at a loss for what to do (and don't want to pay a vet) -- mix 1/2 tsp goldenseal powder in a quart of hot water and steep 15 minutes. Use this mixture to rinse the wound 3 times a day until all danger of infection is past. (Usually a week, but it depends on the depth of the wound.)

For not-so-serious cuts on humans or animals alike (like when you cut yourself shaving!) -- sprinkle dry goldenseal powder on the affected area and cover to keep the wound clean. Goldenseal will tend to cause the cut to clot and stop bleeding. Uncover the wound at night to speed healing. Air is a good thing. Bacteria love warm, moist, dark places. A clean, dry, uncovered cut will heal much faster than a covered one.

Pictures...hmmm. I have an idea...

"OK kids -- time to gargle with saltwater and goldenseal! Whadaya say???"

Their reactions:

Those things which don't kill us make us stronger.

My verse for this assignment:

Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.


Kerri said...

I absolutely love goldenseal! I use it often on pets and family for just about anything. I have to say though, I have never tasted it. I am going to trust you on this one and not try it unless I have to. :)


Sombra said...

Perfect post, and you stole my GROSS taste, I'm going to have to try to think of another one.. but up the nose? I've never used it that way.. excellent!


Nancy said...

I've never used goldenseal for anything...I have heard of it though. I love learning about new herbal remedies. We use colloidal silver for our sinus infections and any infection that we have. My good friend makes it for us.

Mrs. Nancy

KymPossible said...

Very interesting! I have never tried goldenseal, but it sounds like it would be worth it to have some on hand and know what it helps with!


Sheri said...

Now I gotta ask-gunshot wounds on cats? Have some nasty neighbors or something thar? I wonder if it would work on squirrels? We don't like em and if PETA showed up, perhaps I can make a mini-squirrel hospital and have the rememdy there and such? J/K, but that is very interesting. I have not heard of goldenseal for any of these purposes, in fact I alway pictured golden seal as a sticker on a document or book cover! hahahaha

Libby said...

Great faces! :) My kids just had fun making ones for me. I've never used goldenseal but have heard great things about it.