Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Andrew's Cot

Not a very original title, I know. Sorry. My goal in this post is to share with Grandma and Grandpa what Andrew has been working on. He's pretty excited to have finally finished it!

About two months ago, Andrew purchased an old wooden cot frame from one of the brothers in the church and then began saving to purchase camoflauge (did I spell that correctly?) fabric to cover it with. The old canvas that was on it had most definitely seen better days!

So, he finally gathered the $10 he needed for the fabric and then we set to work...

As usually happens, Esteban showed up in the middle of the project, and also as usually happens he took over and did a way better job than we would have. He has his share of experience building cots and I'm glad that he stopped by to share his expertise!

I think that Doug was helping Esteban here, but one can never really be sure with those two! Andrew made the mistake of teasing Esteban while he was stuck inside the cot, so...

Andrew is pretty excited about his new cot. He claims that it's much more comfortable and much cooler than his old mattress. Who knows? He's content, and that's what's important. We even had some scraps of canvas left over to make a camo vest...as soon as I get around to it!!!

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