Monday, August 31, 2009

Storm's a-comin'

Well, I've been a little absent around blogworld for the past week. Our furlough is going well and God is (as always) very good!!!

We have a quick prayer request (before I head for bed!). As many of you know, there is a hurricane brewing off the western coast of Mexico. According to the National Hurricane Center (see link to left), Hurricane Jimena is a class 4 (big sucker) headed pretty much right for our village.

Please pray that God would blow this storm back out to sea and that Cabo San Lucas and the other fishing villages along the coast would be spared. Pray that God would be glorified, because He is worthy!!!

News from home says that all the animals are doing great and the pool is green. (Those of you with pools know that that is not too surprising!!!) Pray that peace would reign over our house while we are gone!!!


Scrapping Servant said...

yeah - um, praying! and missing you on Mondays :)

see you soon - I follow you now :)

Ashley L. @ Missionary Moms said...

I just wanted to stop by and invite you to join us for "coffee" this week at Missionary Moms! Hope you can come!


Laura said...

Hi Rebecca!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Clearly Living! I love new visitors! I don't know how I found missionary moms but it was just a week or so ago so I think it's a fun time to find her and participate in coffee talk. And I'm ok with it not being in a cafe as I don't drink coffee!

Thanks for the reminder that it really doesn't matter how many kids we have, we always wish we could do more.

I see from your sidebar that one of the sites you keep handy is the Douglas County Library - would that be Douglas County in Oregon by any chance? That's kinda my second home now, my cousin's moved there since I've been here and they've always been my family home. I'll be with them for Thanksgiving. Who knows, maybe we'll meet someday!

I'll poke around your other blogs too as time allows. have a lovely day!