Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mom's Tweaking Again

If I say that I'm a "tweaker", does that tell you what decade I went to highschool?

Seriously, though, a lot of times I just can't seem to leave well-enough alone. My daughter, Sarah, says I'm a bit perfectionistic. I say, "A bit? Ya think?"

I've just been hopping around so many absolutely beautiful blogs lately, mine has begun to seem...well...dated. And a little frumpy. And maybe hokey.

And then that little voice in the back of my mind says, "Be content with such things as you have..."

Sigh. So, I'm trying to not compare all these beautiful, sleek and sophisticated blogs I'm visiting to my wanna-be site. I did, however click over to favorite everything-you-need-to-know-about-tweaking-your-blog site and discovered how to put tabs on my blog .

Click on image to visit the site!

I think I like. Do you like?

I may not have the sleekest blog on the block. That's OK.

Lord, help me to be satisfied with what I do have!


A Little R&R said...

It looks great - and I am definitely going to visit that site!

A Little R&R said...

By the way - how did you do the tabs on your blog. I know how to add pages - but I like the Parenting 101...where you have your actual blog posts gathered in one spot. I have spent HOURS trying to find a tutorial on that, and so far nothing...and I couldn't find it on that site you mentioned (probably, I just didn't know what it was called. lol!)

Rebecca said...

Well, I'm doing it the lazy way and then later I might change it. Maybe.

I clicked on the label list (bottom left side) on the label "Parenting 101". Then when the page loaded up, I had all those posts in one place. Up in the navigation pane (where you type the www. stuff) copy that link and connect it to the tab. Any time you add another post with that particular label, it will be added to that "page".

Click on the icon and the link will take you to "Tips for New Bloggers".

And Thanks!!!! ;^)

Amy said...

I'm new to your site so I don't know what changes you've made but I like the tabs at the top and I will be looking at the site you referenced.

Becca said...

That is a great motto for life in general. I need to relearn daily to be satisfied with what the Lord has given me and where He has me. I think your blog looks great, by the way.

Sarita said...

I like the look of your blog. I don't all the tabs and hope to get some put up but need some serious tutorials. I usually just ask the hubs to do it but he is sometime at work or doesn't have time! I will check out the link!