Monday, October 31, 2011

Old Dogs and New Tricks and All That

We've been in Mexico now for almost six years. Time has flown! I was just thinking about how much the kids have grown!

Funny how Doug and I haven't changed a bit! (Don't laugh.)

So in six years, we've experienced 12 "Daylight Savings" changes.

And I've missed every single one. Without exception.

Why is it so difficult? It really shouldn't be. In Mexico, the time changes on the first Sunday of April and the last Sunday of October. Always.

Sunday morning arrived and we were frantically trying to get out the door by 8:30 so that I have time to set up the piano, check the sound and all of that. Evie was scrambling to print out something for the kids' class, when she suddenly called out, "Mom! Something's messed up with your computer clock. It says it's only 7:30."

Once again, I had missed the time change.

So we all relaxed. I got to take a little walk in my garden, Evie finished printing her lesson, Andrew got to eat breakfast. lol

The bummer thing is that my body is still on the "old hour". My trusty inner alarm went off this morning at 5am. Ugh.

However, I won't complain -- I got a lot of tweaking done on our blogs. I've pretty much changed everything. I hope I've made it easier to navigate between blogs, easier to find articles, etc. I still haven't fixed my header photo. Sigh. I guess we can't have it all!!!!

Have a happy Monday, everybody!!!


Ursula Schneider said...

I like it girl! It's really looking great. I LOVE the grey, very hip;) And thanks so much for all of your help on my blog. It has been paying off far more than I would have every expected. You can check my facebook for hows, or wait for it on my blog on Wednesday. BTW, tomorrow's post will be an Evie layout so make sure and take a peek. Can't wait to seeeee you! <3

Rebecca said...

Ooooh, I'm glad. I like it, too, but I've been looking at it for too long. I really wanted all the background to be white (the part that is medium gray), but then I lose all the rounded corners. AND I have to do each blog individually -- time consuming.

Andrew summed it up pretty well this morning when he walked into my room: Mom, why are you staring at all those funny symbols? It would make my eyes bug out.

Yep, I've had enough HTML for one day! lol I'm SOOOOO glad that I was able to help you out! It was my pleasure!!! Any time -- and I do mean that!!! :^)