Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter is Coming and Other Randomness

Yesterday morning, while driving to Boca to buy some water and pick up some lumber at Julio and Lupita’s house, I saw our friend Ramon driving his cows to Las Glorias.

This made me think of several things.

My first thought was, “Now I know that the weather has changed for good.” It’s a sure sign of winter’s approach when Ramon moves his milk cows from his home in Rosales, about 2 miles away, to Las Glorias.

At almost the same moment, I remembered that I’m out of coffee. That’s a very important fact and is related to Ramon and his cows in that just about every morning while the cattle are in Las Glorias, the cowboys stop in for coffee…and bread.

That thought led to my next thought: I need to make some bread today. Or maybe some cookies.

Speaking of cookies, won’t it be wonderful to have fresh milk again, now that the cows have come home?

One of my kids’ favorite stories is entitled “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. I really relate to the characters in that book; such is my life.


supergirlsavannah said...

Oh, Ramon.... sigh.

Tell him we said hi. Surely he can't forget us.

After all, he brought us your almost dead duck the dogs tried to kill, showed us his wounded horse, stopped for coffee, gave misc children rides on horses and brought us fresh milk too.

Also, tell him I pray for him.

Rebecca said...

Everybody in town remembers you guys!!! You're pretty unforgetable! lol Ramon says HOLA! :^)

Pray for his wife, too. She had a stroke last summer and is now confined to a wheelchair. Her mind is still active, but her body is deteriorating. Oh, I don't want to grow old! Come quickly, Lord Jesus! ;^)