Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The cats are not really allowed in the house. All the humans around here know that, but someone really ought to explain it to Gus-Gus. He's not the only one who sneaks in, but he's the most...adventurous of the crew. Fortunately for him the pan was waiting to be washed and not waiting to be served! We might have ended up serving "gato asado" for supper!


Garrie and Jackie said...

Okay, wanna know something really funny about this shot? I'm allergic to cats and generally NOT a cat fan. Someone once asked me why I don't like cats. I answered: "Oh, occassionally I do like soup."

Okay I was joking then but I need that picture to send to this person. Can you send it to me?

Rebecca said...

Jackie -- That's too funny!!!

Photo's on the way! BTW, feel free to use any photos here that you want for whatever -- I'd rather not have people throwing darts at my portrait, but hey, it's a free country! Use and enjoy!