Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still Building

Well, two weeks ago we began construction on the second level of our house. We're making progress! We made the floorplan so that we could build small portions at a time, as funds were available. It's the way people build in this part of Mexico. You get a little money, buy what supplies you can, build until you run out of supplies and then wait for more money. It's a pretty good system, if you think about it. We've lived in partially finished houses for the past 10 years. It's just one more way that God was preparing us for the mission field!

Eventually, this upstairs will be our living room, but for now, we're thinking about putting the 4 boys up there. I envy them the view, but the room would suit them better than Doug and I...and I wouldn't have to move all the books upstairs!!!


sandy j said...

Hi ! Rebecca I read your Biog It's great you write like you talk. It's just like a visiting you without picking up up or dropping off a child. God bless,
sandy j

Annette said...

Hello Rebecca (and family),
We miss a loads and loads! It is nice to be able to connect like this tho'.
(in Springfield)

Rebecca Coult said...

Thanks, Sandy! Blessings to you and your crew, too! S and C say "HI!" to A and A!

Rebecca Coult said...

Hi, Annette (and the gang!) -- Very good to hear from you! I was bummed we couldn't hook up when we were in the States. Next trip, for sure!!!

Amanda said...

Hey Rebecca :)

Great blog, works wonders when i don't want to be studying ;)...It's good to see lots of pictures--helps me imagine where you all are right now. Love you--

Amanda (in michigan, a freschauf)