Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tortilleria Las Glorias

One of the tastiest treats in Mexico (in my opinion) are fresh-made tortillas. Our whole family is now spoiled to the point that we could hardly eat tortillas when we were in the States. Eating fresh tortillas in comparison to store-bought ones is like eating fresh bread rather than Wonderbread.

The kids come along and snatch them off the griddle so quickly, you'd think they were pancakes or something! I try to forget how unhealthy they are! Afterall, it's white flour, salt, sugar and shortening. I made whole wheat ones last night and no one complained, so I'll probably do that more often. At least they would have some redemptive value, eh?

This is Evie rolling out tortillas.
She's a natural!!!
Instead of a rolling pin, we use a smooth glass bottle. Evie and I like it better, because it is more manageable. Sarah likes the wooden rolling pin, and I must say that the rolling pin is more likely to survive falling on the cement floor!

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