Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
I've gotta hand it to Janice over at "5 minutes for mom";
She's absolutely right about this being "raw vulnerability"!

To be totally honest, I was in denial about how bad I had let my youngest daughter's room become. My oldest daughter, who shares aforementioned room, has been gently urging me to do something about it. Actually, she's been becoming increasingly insistent to the point of nagging. Finally, I acted. Evie and I took before and after pics. What I didn't take pictures of was the huge mountain of junk we threw out. Suffice to say that what you saw in photo number one, but no longer see in photo four, no longer is in our house. Yeah!!!

Big sister is very happy, and little sister found all her baby-doll equipment and Polly Pocket paraphernalia. She knew it was there...somewhere!!!


Jessie said...

It looks great! I have been tackling some projects around the house as well. Only I have been too embarrassed to post before photos. We threw out about 4 bags of trash from my son's room. I bagged up 6 huge contractor's bags from the garage. It's Spring Cleaning time!

Rebecca said...

It's amazing how quickly the junk piles up, isn't it?!?! This week is "spring break", so we're doing our spring cleaning, too. Tons of fun, but I'm looking forward to the extra space and the feeling of accomplishment that comes after! ;^)