Monday, April 14, 2008

Private Tutors

Jessee and Karen
Two girls from the school of ministry moved into our house a couple of weeks ago. It's been a real treat having these young ladies living with us! In addition to evening the "score" (it's now 5 girls and 5 boys in the house), we've been blessed with "authentic" Mexican food and an added bonus: private tutors for the twins!!! Seth and Jessee have really struggled with those pesky Spanish verbs. Over the past three weeks, though, I've watch their confidence build with every lesson and now they are reading the Bible in Spanish!!! Wa HOO!
Jessee and Karen again
For quite some time, they've been able to understand what is said around them, but I know from experience that it's harder to turn it around and express yourself. It's so wonderful seeing them make real progress. They see it, too, and are excited that they are finally getting somewhere in their Spanish lessons. Seth and Mavil
Sometimes, I guess it's just nice to have a teacher besides mom! Sniff. I won't take it personally, though!!!

So, why did Karen and Mavil join our family? Well, these young ladies have missionary hearts. They graduated from Calvary Chapel's School of Ministry in March and are planning to go to Africa within the year to serve at an orphanage in Uganda. One requirement, though, is a basic understanding of English, since there are translators available for English to the national language, but not for Spanish.

English is a troublesome language to learn. Even with a good ear and good teachers and good materials, American vowels are a pain! Who ever heard of one vowel that has 4 different sounds when it's by itself and another 7 different sounds depending on which other vowels or consonants accompany it? And that's just the letter "u". The "e" is worse, because it also has the honor of being silent for 5 different reasons, and one of those reasons is "Just because". Ugh. Add to that the fact that most Americans talk really fast! Wow. I have great respect for folks who have learned English as a second language. Hats off to them!!!
So, next time you're in a grocery store and you hear someone speaking English -- and it's obvious that they're still learning it -- encourage them!!! I gripe about Spanish verb conjugations...a lot...but I still think I would prefer to know English and be learning Spanish than vice versa. I think I'd be throwing up my hands in frustration by now!!!
Also, whenever you think of it, pray for Mavil and Karen. Living with us is challenging for me sometimes! ;^) We've got a lot of bodies in our little house! Pray that these girls would be able to conquer English soon! Their hearts are ready to be in Africa!!!


United in Christ said...

i miss you gurls :)
much love ............

United in Christ said...

how is the gurls english coming along ?

Rebecca said...

Mavil and Karen are doing great! Mavil wants to know why you haven't written back!!!! :^)