Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Six-Word Tag

My Walk Monday

Marina from "Daughter of the King" just tagged me with 6 words or phrases about myself. AND since I do love to multi-task, I'm doubling it up with My Walk Monday (finally!).

Well, I tend to talk more about stuff going on around me than I do about things going on in my head or heart. I thought maybe I should use this tag to share a few things that God is working on in my life right now.

So here are 6 things that either God is planting, growing or pruning in my life...

Hospitality -- I have always loved to invite people into my home. I've found it easier to do that here in a place where it's not so important that the house be decorated correctly and the food "fashionable and expensive". Hospitality is about the home, not the house.

Teacher -- I've been a teacher forever (feels like!) and probably always will be. But God is showing me that #1 I'm teaching every moment -- even when I don't realize it and #2 Teaching is more than preparing my kids to enter college. Sarah just informed me a couple of weeks ago that she's not sure that she even cares to go to college. Gulp. Well...what was my point in teaching her all these years? Was it so she could go to a great university, graduate with honors and go get a high-paying job? No. Definitely not. [although, face it, isn't that in the back of every moms' mind at some point?] Our purpose in educating our kids is that they would learn discernment and have wisdom to know the plans God has for their lives -- and the faith to pursue those plans! As a teacher, I need to remember that purpose.

Learner -- Lest I ever become proud and begin to think that I've learned all there is to learn about anything!!! Last week I was humbled by a little girl who stated bluntly, "You don't speak Spanish really well." Like I needed to be told that! Well, bless her heart, I don't. I try, and I can make myself understood, but if you're comparing me to any native Spanish speaker that you know, I don't speak Spanish very well. Out of the mouths of babes...

Faithfulness -- God teaches us His faithfulness by allowing us to go through deserts and remaining faithful. By that I mean both that throughout our time in the desert we learn to remain faithful to Him, and also that while we languish in the wilderness, He remains faithful to not abandon us.

Quiet -- Now, this is not to say that I am quiet. Anyone who knows me, would not put "quiet" as a description of me!!! This would be one of those areas in which God is doing some pruning! The verse that is popping into my head is the Psalm which says, "Be still and know that I am God." Normally we see that verse printed as a caption for a photo of some guy in a fishing boat on a placid lake. Well, that's not the context of the verse (and it's not the whole verse, either!). In reality the context should read more like this: "Shut your mouth and listen up! Know this: I am God. I will be exalted among the nations." This is the way in which God is using the word "quiet" in my life today.

Joy -- I am learning to find the joy in every day -- just the way God made it! There is definitely joy in the journey! Some days, I have to scrape the junk off the top to find it, but I know that the joy is there if I dig deep enough. "This is the day that the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!!!" That's not a suggestion! That's a commandment!!!

OK. There are my 6 words. Yeah!

Hmmm....who will I tag? I think I'll tag a couple of Mexican missionaries I know: Michelle from Ensenada and Sarah from Las Glorias (that would be my daughter!).

Have a blest day everyone!


Michelle in Mx said...

Ok, I'm going to join in on this!
I loved what you shared here. I'll attempt to be origional- but your making it hard! I could easily cut and paste!

marina said...

WOW! you did a great job now I feel silly about my #2,LOL!!
I know what you mean about hospitality it's so much easier over there than hear everyone hear judges you buy you home for example when Itell people my husband is an attorney they try to see what kind of car I drive and I don't like that and even though I have a new house 3 years old I don't have it just the way I want it I don't evite people over b/c well thats just the way the are they will talk..However I was ask to talk about my life with the Lord in spanish that would be view all through out south american but I really need to pratice my spainsh more while they have ask me to write down my esay of how I came to know the Lord but, I have deen thinking of maybe talking about deep hurts that stem from mocho men and being married to them b/c I now mexican women suffer form that but I don't know how I will put it toghter b/c then I expose myself. ,marina

Fruitful Vine said...

Hi Rebecca
Thanks for sharing. The teacher part helped me to think through the real reason for teaching my kids.

marina said...

Rebecca, I re-read your 6 things and I got to thinking how the Lord must of guied b/c they where so good!!marina

Shari said...

I've got to work more on Being Quiet before Him. So, I'll recite that verse from Psalm this week - Be still and know that I am God.

Scrapping Servant said...

Thanks for (finally) joining MWM my friend... I really enjoyed your post.

<>< Carolyn @