Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's My Party!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Another year, another birthday! I've decided that I really like having my birthday in Mexico. In the States, I often let my birthday pass without much notice. Here, the ladies of the church won't let me do that! The day after my actual birthday, all the ladies came over to "swim". We'd been trying to get everyone over for a swim party all summer, but couldn't seem to get everyone at once. Finally, we had a day when most of the group could swim. I didn't even consider the fact that it was the day after my birthday. Well, Cristina and Sarah were apparently in cahoots and when the gang showed up they came armed with "party-fixins"!


posole -- the official birthday meal of Boca del Rio

(and a personal favorite!!!)

We had such a great time! I'm just going to post a bunch of photos, since photos are the best part anyway!

I promised to not post most of the pictures we took in the pool. ;^) What woman actually likes pictures of her soaking wet with no make-up and her hair stringing down in her face???

Gotta share one funny thing...
since I knew that a bunch of ladies were coming over, I wanted to bake a couple of cakes to share (everyone loves cake here and only about 5 ladies in the village have ovens, so it's pretty special to have cake or bread at get-togethers.). I made 3, actually. The first one got left in the oven too long (I forgot about it -- bad mommy!) and it turned into a charred black mound. The inside was delicious, but it was too ugly to serve. So I made 2 more -- since my bundt pan was now unusable until scoured, I had to use two smaller pans. This time I watched them closely, and I was puzzled when the batter began to fall in the center. When they were done, they were pretty, but very sunken in the middle. Strange.

As I was puzzling this over in my head, I opened the micro to re-heat my coffee and what should I find there? The glass measure with the juice and oil for the 2nd batch of cake. Good grief.

Thursday just wasn't meant to be cake-baking day! Y'know what, though? We ended up eating every crumb of all three cakes! Waste not, want not!!! It was still a great day -- and it added an element of comedy as I explained why all the cakes were so weird! In case some of the ladies thought I "had it all together", now they knew the truth!!!


Melissa said...

I love John Piper as well ..Go online and listen to Paul Washer if you get a chance :) He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Bris and Sergios baby is so cute :) tell them I said hola and hopefully will come and visit again soon ..THANKS SO MUCH for having this blog to keep me updated becasue I still consider them all family and I love them all dearly you all ,

Jegglie Family said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! You look great and from your blog, your life is even better! You guys are doing a great thing! Thank you!
God Bless you and your family... we are praying for you!