Thursday, October 23, 2008

Que le vaya bien!!! (Have a Good Trip!)

Well, we dropped Doug off at the bus station last night at 8:30pm. He's headed to Washington for a memorial service for Great Grandma McDonald (Coult). It's only a quick trip, but 2 weeks is 2 weeks. I still don't like it much -- I don't single-parent well -- but the kids are older and so aren't as needy as the last time Doug went on a long trip.


He just called me on the cell phone, since I was online ;^). He's now been up for about 40 hours and he's ready to sleeeeep. Pray that he gets caught up on his rest quickly. We noticed a few years ago that we don't bounce back from those really long sleepless stretches like we used to.

Ten years ago, we would pack for an 8 hour road trip and then leave about an hour after the kids went to bed -- so they were good and asleep. We'd just transfer them from bed to car and then we'd drive all night. No potty breaks, no McDonald's breaks, no "Whenarewegonnagetthere" -- the road and our travel mugs. When the sun came up, we were pulling into Grandma's driveway. Those were the days!!!

Seven years ago, we drove from Southeast Kansas to Salt Lake City, Utah...straight through. We got a motel, slept 8 hours, went to church for Mother's Day, and then drove the rest of the way to Oregon. No problem.

Three years ago, we drove from here to Chico, California -- 36 hours straight. I then slept for 4 days. That was when I first thought I might be, ahem, aging. Our last trip to the States was only a 14 hour drive. We were both SO finished when we got home. Maybe we used up all our highway miles when we were young. I dunno. I just know that Doug and I both need more recuperation time now than we used to. Is it just me, or did anyone else experience that as they neared the big 4-0?

So, I'll say again -- pray that Doug rests well tonight! He'll be meeting up with all the family tomorrow and then will be running all over Oregon and California for the next two weeks. Pray that God grants him sound sleep every night!



Fruitful Vine said...

Hi Rebecca
I'll be praying for him and for you because I know you will miss him. Have a blessed weekend.

Libby said...

I know what you mean about staying home. I don't like it much either. Praying you have a good couple weeks at home. Yeah trips can really wipe me out too. I have decided I really do NOT like bus trips. (I leave on one in two days)
Que les vaya bien!