Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lying Turtle!!!

See that little Turtle Ticker on the left side of the screen? The one who can't conjugate the verb "leave"? Well, don't listen to him. He's lying! The humidity has not left and it's still HOT!

It is a tad bit better than it was a month ago -- and it's cooling off at night (down to a balmy 70 degrees), so we have a little more workable time in the morning before the sun gets too strong.

We did have a bit of a reprieve just after Norbert blew through last week. We literally watched the humidity meter fall during the day -- from 70% in the morning to just under 50% the same evening. We all cheered!!! The humidity had blown away a couple of days earlier than usual!!! Wa-HOO!!!

It was all a trick. By the end of the week, the guage was back to 70% and the temp was back above 90. Sigh. Today in the house it's 90 degrees and 68% humidity. Still sticky. BUT there is a breeze, so there is some respite.

One definite praise: there are about 60% fewer mosquitos now. YEAH!!! We thank God for even these small favors!!!

Cooler weather will come...eventually. I just need to put my faith in God and not in Turtle Tickers!!!

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