Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting to Know...Me!

Welcome to my weblog: Beautiful Feet

My name is Rebecca, and I'm so glad that you've stopped in for a visit! I started blogging in 2006 as a way to stay connected with friends and family in the U.S., and I've been tripping about in Bloggy Land ever since, learning as I go along...usually by trial and error. My daughter said it best:
"Life is like a mathematical equation. You spend all the time figuring out the answer to the problem only to discover that you plugged in the wrong values and miscopied the original problem to begin with!"
By God's grace I'm improving daily...I hope!!!

Here at Beautiful Feet, I try to keep my readers updated on our life as missionaries in Mexico. Grandma really loves that, since I'm lousy at sending photos and worse at writing letters. I've promised the kids that I won't post anything too embarrassing, and they do hold me to that. Four of our six kids have blogs of their own, so I'm aware of the possibility of retribution if I should happen to break that promise. The boys are less than faithful posters, but Sarah updates her blog regularly. Go check her site out if you have a minute. You won't be disappointed!

You'll find a bit of a hodge-podge of information here. I've made all the internal links (things you can click on to take you to other pages) green, and they should open in a new window, so as to not interrupt your reading. That's the plan, at least."Life in Mexico" is probably my biggest post category, but that's so all-encompassing. Our life includes homeschooling, working with the local church, hosting mission teams and reaching out to the families who live around us, to name just a few topics.

As THE MOM, I generally spend a large portion of my day in the kitchen, so I'm finding that more and more of my posts revolve around food and frugality in the kitchen. I'm OK with that -- I do love to eat, and I'm cheap. What a combo!!!

I just noticed, too, how many photos of cheesecake I have. Hmmm...there could be a reason for that.

In addition to food for the body, though, I like to include a little soul food. My husband, Doug, and I have been teaching parenting classes in our village for a couple of years now, and I've been sharing some of the principles here from time to time. In a perfect world, I'd share a lesson every week. News Flash: This world is not perfect. So, I post irregularly, but with much gusto!!!

That's me -- nutshell version (a big a coconut). You can find me on Facebook at Doug N Rebecca Coult or you can email me at WhatBeautifulFeetYouHave AT gmail DOT com. You can also click over to our Ministry Scrapbook Blog to see more photos of our village and our neighbors.

By the way, if you leave a comment with a link to your blog, I'll click over and "reciprocate". We all like comments, don't we?!

Have a blessed day, and thanks again for dropping by!!!


A Little R&R said...

Hi there!!!! How've you been doing? How do you guys do Thanksgiving? My sister and her fam are coming over on Saturday to celebrate. We have to do a bit of improvising (like turkey pieces - since its hard to find a whole one - and WAAAAAY to expensive to buy it if you do) - but all in all we have a great time and eat way too much

Leslie Limon said...

Being new to your blog, I really appreciate this post! :) It's nice to get to know "new friends", especially ones living in Mexico. :)

And I love your daughter's quote. Describes me to a "T".