Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Outdoor Hour -- Getting started

Add this to my list of books I've had for ages but never got around to using in school.

Well, we're finally doing something with it! When I first received this book, I poured over it and practically drooled. Basic, plain-spoken, old-fashioned and infomative. Everything I love in a textbook. Why have I never used it, then? I dunno. I think it's because I just didn't have time to make up lessons and plan projects.

Then, about a month ago, I happened across this blog which gives practical application and step-by-step instructions for implementation. I'm hooked. It only took a month to get going on it, too! Wow! That's pretty good for me!

So, today we began our journey into nature study "officially". We have been outdoorsy pretty much all our lives, but now we have a Plan.

What did we decide after this first "Outdoor Hour Challenge"? Well, first of all, we all agree that 10 to 15 minutes is not a long enough walk. I think we'll allow half an hour next week.

Second of all, we agree that we'll have to do it a little earlier in the day, because if we wait till 11, which is how it ended up today, it will be too hot. Anyone in Canada envious? Just wait a couple of months!

So, we took a short walk. I was surprised that everyone really seemed eager to go. Usually getting group assent is a tough thing, but it happened pretty smoothly. We counted to 3 and then everyone pointed in the direction we wanted to go. Would you believe that everyone pointed in the same direction? Very cool.

We were only attacked by mosquitos once and then it was only a small swarm. I think Caleb decided to investigate mosquitos further. I suggested he investigate annihilation strategies. He liked that phrase. ;^) Andrew located a chorro cactus (quite prevalent around here).

Evie and Seth captured a cachora lizard with the camera. (I think in English they're called "blue bellies".) We saw so many tracks in the sand. I can't wait to discover what critters they all belong to!

I think we're going to enjoy our newly-scheduled nature walks...at least till June. Caleb suggested that we might investigate the wildlife at the bottom of the pool then. I hope there won't be any wildlife in the pool, but...well, we'll see.

I'll let you know next week how everyone's assignments turn out!

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Fruitfulvine2 said...

I don't get out often enough with my boys. As a matter of fact I told them today that we are going to try to spend more time outside from now on.

Enjoy those nature walks. I pray all is well with you.