Monday, March 09, 2009

Why we love traveling in Mexico

We left for our winter furlough on the 17th of January. Our friends, the Powells, hadn't arrived yet (due to some engine issues you can read about here), so we left on faith -- hoping to meet up with them in Tucson...and praying that they would still be willing to come down to house-sit for us.

We love traveling in Mexico. I think we love it more every trip. We were pretty tense during our first few voyages up and down highway 15, but as the road has become more familiar -- and better repaired -- it's become more and more fun to travel. The driver still has to be alert and prepared for things like slow-moving boats and cows in the middle of the road and sometimes road construction isn't marked as well as we'd like, but all in all I prefer travel in Mexico.

One reason the kids prefer long trips in Mexico...

 seatbelt law. Doug turned the back of the van into a big bed and the kids played Killer Bunnies for hours! Evie wrote a couple of MadLibs and we all made funny faces at the camera.

Yet another instance where it pays to be the one behind the camera AND with executive veto power over what's posted!

And thus we passed our first 15 hours of driving and arrived in Tucson Saturday night. But that's another post.

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Kaleena said...

I have to say that reading your blog has made me want to travel and live in Mexico. I could be lots of fun. I hope you guys are staying safe.