Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Little Health Is a Good Thing

After posting about how sick I've been -- and then disappearing off the net for a week -- I thought it good to share that we are all once again healthy. Hurrah!!!

The day after I posted about antibiotics, my good friend Rachel emailed me and reminded me about the healing powers of garlic. So, instead of buying a round of antibiotics for each member of the family, I bought about 8 heads of garlic.

Our family has had some pretty strong breath this past week, but we all feel better! For Doug's sore throat, I made a syrup of garlic and honey. Personally, I prefer to just eat the garlic plain, but we wanted to try this recipe, so...

All the kids actually wanted to taste it once they heard/saw Doug's reaction.


What did it taste like? Sarah's face says it all!

One neat thing about this past couple of weeks is that since no one really felt much like doing schoolwork (especially not the teacher), we did a few fun things we haven't done in a long time.

Evie, Andrew and I put together several puzzles, everyone else took turns playing 4 or 5 handed Pinochle, Killer Bunnies, Risk, was, even though most of the house was sniffling and had a sore throat, a pretty fun week. Add to it that all events for the week were cancelled because of the "swine flu epidemic" and it also became pretty relaxing.

But, all good things must come to an end! Now we're all healthy and whole and church services and activities have resumed. Life has restarted, and it's back to busyness as usual. At least we're all refreshed and ready to face life now!!!

Sometimes we all need just a few days vacation, eh?!



Fruitful Vine2 said...

I've been putting off taking the garlic that I need this week because of the 'strong breath' aspect but I need to just do it. Your post was the push I needed. Glad you had a relaxing and refreshing time and so happy that none of you were affected by this swine flu thing.

Rebecca said...

Glad I could be your inspiration!!! ;^) The strong breath is a good exchange for the strong sorethroat and headache!!! I'll take the garlic breath any day!!!