Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One More Round of Antibiotics

Ugh. Here I am on my 4th round of antibiotics for yet another sinus infection. Double ugh. After my boasting in January about the wonders of goldenseal root powder for staving off sinus infections, here I am. Chewing morosely on my words.

I'm so sick of being sick. Since we returned from our furlough in March, I don't think we've had everyone healthy at the same time. I could be exaggerating. I probably am. In fact I'm pretty sure that I am, but when I have a headache the universal statements just fly. The boys always slam the door. I always have to cook. I never get to take a nap in peace. I'm just a whiner today!

Well, as my dear friend Kay from Oregon used to say, "It's ok to sit on your pitty potty once in a while. Just don't forget to flush when you're through!"

So, I flush now. All better. Grumpiness gone. Headache still a bummer, but I think another quart of strong tea will help. Maybe some mustard plaster. Yummy.

So here's a question for you ladies (gentlemen too, although I would imagine that most men don't really give it much thought unless they happen to run out.)...

What is your personal opninion about antiperspirant?

I'm actually very curious to know what others think about antiperspirant (as opposed to deodorant) and whether I really am as psycho as my oldest daughter thinks I am. Well, I probably am, but that's ok. I have some pretty radical, hippy, conspiracy-theory opinions on antiperspirants and sunscreens. Am I the only one???

So, share! If you've never even given your Arid Extra Dry a second thought, share that, too. The curiousity is killing me! Wait. That's my headache...


Fruitful Vine2 said...

Oh my! So sorry :( I hope you feel better soon.

Father I pray for Rebecca that you would lay you healing hands on her and manifest your healing in her from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. You know the root cause of this sinus challenge Lord, heal it from the root and cause the symptoms to disappear in Your name I pray dear Jesus. Amen.

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, Jenn!

About an hour after I posted this, our pastor and his family and a couple of others from the church came over to pray for our family. I was so blessed! They annointed our family and this morning everyone is feeling more perky! Hurrah! Thank you, Lord!!!

amanda said...
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